David Chartrand

Lesson Schedule: Tuesday-Friday, Sundays


Bio: David was born and raised in Upstate NY. He had a passion for horses early on in his life and developed a great understanding for the feel of horses, particularly for the hunter and jumper disciplines. Realizing that flat work was extremely important, he dove into Dressage. He progressed to qualify and compete in the Medal finals and the USET Medal.

Turning professional and working with other tenured professions for over 10 years, David started his own business. He has produced many qualified riders in the big medals, the USET medal and most adult medal finals, as well as hunter finals. His main passion is teaching. He admires and supports any level of rider that truly wants to learn. 

Jen Kola

Lesson Schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays

Bio: My equestrian pursuits began in the 1970s. While on an afternoon drive with my parents we happened to pass by the Canton Equestrian Center then known as the Lazy S Ranch. What 9 year old girl would give up the chance to visit with some horses? In we drove.

Lessons started soon after, closer to home, at Fleetwood Farm on Route 53 in Pembroke, with Carl Catani, who now owns River Wind Farm. A few years later, not content with riding on the flat, I was directed up the street to Friars Gate Farm owned by Julie and Richard Ulrich. Here I was introduced to Show Jumping, Hunters and Dressage.

While attending Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts I was Co-Captain of the riding Team from 1981-1984.

In the years to follow I met Suzi and Jim Gornall and evented through Training Level riding in beautiful open space at Huntington Farm, Stoneleigh Burnham, Groton House and King Oak.

Lately, my instruction is of a more recreational nature. I incorporate some Dressage in all my lessons, jumping for the more adventurous students and an emphasis on harmony and balance with your equine partner.


  • Massachusetts Licensed Instructor
  • 35 years riding experience
  • 20 plus years instructing
  • 5 year olds through adult
  • Beginners through experienced riders

Nora Reardon

Lesson Schedule: Saturdays

Bio: I got my first taste of horses when I was a very small child. There were many family vacations where I had the opportunity for pony rides, but when I was 9 years old, I had my first riding lesson and I’ve been hooked ever since!

 Shortly after I graduated from the Equine Program at Norfolk County Agricultural High School I apprenticed under June Phillips who took me under her wing and helped me become the instructor I am today. I’ve been a licensed Massachusetts Riding Instructor #1-03822 since 1998 and have been teaching Centered Riding and Hunter/Jumpers at CEC since 2006.

My lessons are safety oriented as I teach all levels of riders the art of teamwork between horse & rider. 

I also offer special events, ie. Boy & Girl Scouts of America, Boys and Girls Club of America, Pony Parties, Carroll Center for the Blind, Summer and School Vacation Programs and I am the leader of High Flyers 4-H Club since 2005.

 Please send me an email if you’d like more information on any of the group events I offer.