Nora Reardon

Lesson Schedule: Saturdays

Bio: I got my first taste of horses when I was a very small child. There were many family vacations where I had the opportunity for pony rides, but when I was 9 years old, I had my first riding lesson and I’ve been hooked ever since!

 Shortly after I graduated from the Equine Program at Norfolk County Agricultural High School I apprenticed under June Phillips who took me under her wing and helped me become the instructor I am today. I’ve been a licensed Massachusetts Riding Instructor #1-03822 since 1998 and have been teaching Centered Riding and Hunter/Jumpers at CEC since 2006.

My lessons are safety oriented as I teach all levels of riders the art of teamwork between horse & rider. 

I also offer special events, ie. Boy & Girl Scouts of America, Boys and Girls Club of America, Pony Parties, Carroll Center for the Blind, Summer and School Vacation Programs and I am the leader of High Flyers 4-H Club since 2005.

 Please send me an email if you’d like more information on any of the group events I offer.