Riders ages 6 and older are invited to join us for mounted instruction in basic riding skills at the walk, trot, and canter as well as  jumping. Safety and overall good horsemanship are priorities with our instructors. Grooming and tacking up skills are also incorporated as part of the lessons. Our lesson horses have been selected for their exceptionally good manners, smooth gaits, and forgiving temperaments which make them appropriate for novice riders. 

Gift Certificates

Available in any amount for lessons, lesson packages, camp or training.  Simply send an email to info@cantonequestrian.com!

Standard Rates:



  • 30min  $50
  • 45min  $65
  • 60min  $80

Semi-Private (2 people) 

  • 30min  $45
  • 45min  $50
  • 60min  $65

Group (3 or more people)

  • 30min  $40
  • 45min  $45
  • 60min  $55

Lesson Packages

Buy a package and get a free lesson!

  • 60 min 5+1 – buy (5) 60 min lessons and get the 6th free (6 lessons)
  • 45 min  5+1 – buy (5) 45 min lessons and get the 6th free (6 lessons)
  • 30 min 5+1 – buy (5) 30 min lessons and get the 6th free (6 lessons)

Meet Our Lesson Horses

Release Form

All students must provide a signed release form before mounting on Canton Equestrian Center property. For your convenience, a printed version of the Release Form below is available at the time of your lesson.

Canton Equestrian Center Release Form