The following policies have been created in the interest of the safety and consideration of everyone at Canton Equestrian Center (“CEC”). These policies apply to boarders, instructors, staff, students, parents, visitors and ANYONE else who is on CEC premises. Please read thoroughly. Any questions can be directed to the Barn Manager, Mary Hughes (781-983-1403).


  1. All riders must sign a CEC Release and Indemnification Form.
  2. Please refer to the message board to keep aware of current events and information (located outside the indoor arena).
  3. No CEC owned horses are allowed across the street into the Blue Hills Conservation without permission from the Barn Manager.
  4. No grazing is allowed on the lawn areas in front of or behind the ranch house.
  5. No parking is allowed in front of any barn entryways.
  6. CEC is not responsible for activities of minors while on CEC premises, Blue Hills Conservation premises or on adjacent property. Parents/guardians are responsible for any damages or mischief incurred by minors.
  7. Everyone who spends time at CEC is expected to behave in a pleasant, respectful, responsible and undisruptive manner or they will be asked to leave.
  8. CEC closes at 10:00pm every night.
  9. All questions, complaints and problems should be addressed to the Barn Manager directly.


  1. There is absolutely NO SMOKING inside or near any barn at CEC.
  2. NO RUNNING is allowed inside or outside the barn or riding areas.
  3. No yelling, screaming or rough housing is allowed inside or around the barn or riding areas.
  4. All vehicles must enter and leave CEC at 5 MPH.
  5. No horse shall be left unattended on the crossties.
  6. No horse shall be tied to any fence, post, gate, stall grate or blanket bar. Horses are to be tied only to tie rings in stalls or cross ties.
  7. No horse shall be left unattended with a stall door open, including with a stall guard.
  8. Prior to leading a horse out of its stall, ensure the latch is flush against the door (i.e., not sticking out) and that the door is completely opened to ensure the horse can enter/exit freely.
  9. All dogs must be under the owners control at all times while on CEC property.
  10. EVERYONE riding on CEC property MUST wear approved headgear (helmets) WHENEVER mounted.
  11. No sandals or open toed shoes are allowed when riding or handling a horse.
  12. All riders under the age of 15 must have a responsible instructor, parent/guardian or adult staff member (by permission only) present at all times.
  13. For your own safety, no one shall be inside the fence line of any turnout with a loose horse unless for the purpose of releasing or retrieving a horse.
  14. For your own safety, walk or trot only while on the track/roadway. No cantering or galloping is allowed.
  15. All riders under the age of 18 are not allowed to jump unless a parent or instructor is present anywhere on CEC property. If warranted, Barn Manager will make an exception based on the skillset of the rider.


  1. Students are required to groom their horse/pony thoroughly, including picking out their hoofs, before and after each ride.
  2. Riders are required to return grooming items, sweep and cleanup their grooming area prior to leaving the grooming area. This will keep the aisle free of clutter that may result in tripping or entanglement and offers others a clean work area.
  3. Students are required to clean off their horse/pony’s bits before returning the bridle.
  4. The bathroom is for everyone’s use, please keep it clean by throwing away rubbish and removing any personal items after each use. If you notice bathroom supplies are low, please inform the Barn Manager.
  5. All recyclables (e.g., SmartPak packages, cardboard, plastic bottles, etc.) and trash shall be placed in the appropriate containers
  6. The wash stall is to be left in a neat and debris free fashion after each use. Please clean up after you and your horse. If there is any issue with drainage, please notify Barn Manager prior to use.
  7. Please keep all unnecessary blankets sheets, wraps, saddle pads, etc. off the stall door. Neatly fold all remaining items to avoid them from falling to the floor or becoming entangled in the door.
  8. For health purposes, please do not leave any food in the tack room over night; it could result in mice, flies, etc.
  9. Please do not leave any wet items in the tack room or wash stall.
  10. Please keep the tack room and viewing room neat by properly discarding all trash items. 


  1. All feeding (hay and grain) and bedding of stalls will be done by staff only. Contact the Barn Manager for all requests to adjust the feed and bedding.
  2. In the back gray barn, all boarders are entitled to equal storage space. Each stall has space for one trunk, a reasonable number of blankets on the blanket bar, one saddle rack and one bridal rack in the tack room. Contact the Barn Manager for all requests to adjust the aforementioned standards.
  3. In the front red barn, all boarders are entitled to a cubby storage space or tack room space. Each stall has a space for a reasonable number of blankets on the blanket bar. Contact the Barn Manager for all requests to adjust the aforementioned standards.
  4. Trunks are only allowed on CEC property for boarders. All exceptions must be approved by the Barn Manager. 

Ring Management


  1. If a lesson is in progress, the Instructor has sole authority to manage the ring.
  2. A maximum of 4 riders are allowed in the indoor arena at one time. Any exceptions must be approved by the Barn Manager.
  3. A maximum of 6 riders are allowed in the outdoor rings at one time. Any exceptions must be approved by the Barn Manager.
  4. Boarders are not allowed to use the indoor arena on Saturday’s until 4pm due to scheduled lessons.

Riding Etiquette

  1. For safety and consideration of other riders when entering or exiting any of the riding areas, be aware of the presence of horses and announce yourself as sudden movement or noises could startle them. To clarify, if horses are present, STOP (with or without a horse) at the entrance, shout “door” loud enough for the occupants of the indoor to hear you, wait for a response from the occupants to confirm it’s safe to enter and then proceed to enter.
  2. No lunging is allowed, except lunge line lessons, in the same ring while lessons are being held.
  3. Lessons take precedent in ring management; therefore, Instructors are authorized to police the ring to ensure a safe environment for their students and any other riders.
  4. When riding in on lessons, riders are required to ride in the same direction as the riders in the ring.
  5. When passing, riders are required to announce the side (i.e., inside or outside) they will be passing on.
  6. IMPORTANT: Recognize that riders in the ring may be less capable than you. More advanced riders are required to heed to less advanced riders.
  7. Riders are required to obtain approval from the Instructor prior to changing direction or cantering.
  8. If there are no lessons, riders are required to communicate amongst themselves prior to cantering so all riders can have a pleasant ride.